Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tea Time with LeNotre

بمناسبة عيد الأم ، عزموني مطعم لونوتر مع مجموعة من البلوقرز على شاي العصر (يعني على وزن شاي الضحى)عشان نجرب الكيكة الخاصة في هذي المناسبة

I was invited by @MMCKuwait to an afternoon tea gathering with bloggers to try the new Mother's Day Cake by Le Notre .

طبعا بتنظيم البلوقر المتميزة أنسام اللي استقبلتنا و كانت ديكورات طاولتنا تشوق و هالشي مو غريب على انسام
The gathering was arranged by the lovely blogger Ansam , that's why tha table's decoration was astonishing .

Update:  Ansam informed me in her comment that "the decorations are done by MMC themselves as they are famous for catering and arrangements "

Thank you PinkGirl for taking this picture for me :*

طبعا انا اموت على القهوة الفرنسية مالتهم ة هذا اللي طلبته  قبل لا نبدى نجرب الكيكة
We've been asked what to drink , and of course what is more tasty than Le Notre's perfect French Coffee .

يانا الشيف زيد هلال و رحب فينا و قص لنا الكيكة و هي عبارة عن نوعين ، نوع فانيلا و كراميل و جوز و النوع الثاني كاكاو
Then Chef Zaid Hilal  greeted us , and cut the cakes  , there were 2 flavors , Vanilla with pecan and Caramel , the other one was Chocolate cake .

انا ما احب الكيك اللي على كاكاو عشان جذي بس كليت  الفانيلا  و كان طعمها اينن حده ، اشوه اني تذكرت اني لازم اخفف اكل و لا جان كليت كل كيكتي
Personally , and that is a confession , I don't like chocolate cake , I prefer white cakes ,so  i tried the Vanilla and it was really luscious and tasty . I remembered that I am cutting off sugar that's how I stopped myself from eating the whole piece

و اخر شي قبل لا نمشي عطونا هدية من لونوتر :)
At the end , they gave us a goody bag with some of LeNotre products :)

Thank you so much LeNotre , and thnks to Ansam  :) i had  a wonderful time meeting all the girls Jacqui , Q8rain , JustNoon , PinkGirlQ8 , Dusty-Roses , His&Hers Q8 and Mrs. Dalal :)

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Ansam said...

Thank you for your lovely post :) I was the host to the event but all the decorations are done by MMC themselves as they are famous for catering and arrangements beside their YUMMY restaurants :)

amatraveller said...

WOW ! etshaweq !! Im going to order one for my mama !! glad you enjoyed it :*

NewQ8 Bride said...

Ansam : Thanks again dear :)yeh i loved the arrangements wayed :)

amatraveller : enshalah she will live it :)

Aseel Almonaies said...

Mashallah I love your blog, and nice post :-)