Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I am A Woman , it's my Day

Greetings from Newq8bride , to all women around the world on this day , International women's Day . I am so proud to be a woman , and all of us should be , we are the beauty , strength and the love sources in the universe .
The UN theme for 2012 is Empower Rural women- End hunger and poverty. Women are playing an important role in both developed and developing nations , they provide food security and can help reduce poverty in their community . The main goal of the organizations around the world is to stand up against the challenges that faced those rural women such as : education , healthcare , gender inequality and limited accesses to credit .
As a woman who lived in a developed country , I have to be thankful and grateful to God for the amazing life he gave me , and I have to support other women around the world by every possible way .
Women in Kuwait , stop degrading yourself and be proud of who u are , get your degree, be creative and love your job , improve your self , and remember there are women around the world struggling to let the world hear their voices .
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