Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My love is .....

Every one is talking about love , it's been a while since I post about my personal feelings , five years together , and I still remember your first kiss on my forehead in the wedding , i felt the love in your eyes and I noticed that I will be happy with you no matter what , we noticed that we are different , u don't care if we  have kids or no , the most important thing for u is to be together . When I was in treatment , every time I held the negative test in my hand u were there hugging me and telling me that u r in love with me no matter what . When I first woke up from my operation I called your name and I wanted to look into your eyes to tell u how much I love you .

People will never understand what is between us , no one will , our love is unique .

U r my Love , valentine , hero u are my soulmate , dream and

You are my


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Nowair said...

Allah y5alekom leba3ath..may Allah bless you

Standy said...

aww so cute.. mashallah mashallah.. allah ye5alilkum li ba3ath ya rab ameen


Bedour bourisly said...

حبيبتي .. الله يتمم عليكم و يحرسكم و يحميكم من العين احبكم حدي مدي

TKG said...

It is so great to see true love amongst a great couple. This is what love is truly about and I hope many people get inspired and have hope in love from you and your husband :)