Thursday, February 16, 2012

Crownies :) Cookies&Brownies

What I love the most about Twitter , that we get to know new business every day , I love to encourage all the Kuwaiti small business by posting about them and let my readers recognize them .
 اكثر شي احبه في تويتر انه يخلينا نتعرف على وايد مشاريع كويتية حلوة و انا شخصيا احب اشجع هالمشاريع و احب انه الناس اللي يقرون بلوقي يعرفونهم
So my post is going to be about

i didn`t try it yet but enshalah i will give it a chance soon :)

"Crownies is a home-made cookies and brownies business

Crownies is a combination of Cookies & brownies together, our Main product is CROWNIE COOKIES: half brownie, half cookie.

  **Triple C:
Chunky tender chocolate chip cookies

**Oh cookies
Oatmeal cookies with your choice of chcoclate chip or butterscotch

Half brownie n’ half chocolate chip cookies

**PB cookies
Peanut butter cookies

**Butterscotch madness
Soft butterscotch cookies

**Brownie cookies
Cookie shaped brownies

Peanut butter Brownies

**Blow out brownies
Thick chocolate brownies

**Nutella sandwich
Two brownie cookies squeezing Nuttela

you can have your cookies plain, or add raisins to have the healthy taste (great for diets)"

we also have different other flavors:

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