Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Sound of the music: Kuwait National Museum

Yesterday I attended the concert of Kuwait Symphony Orchestra, with my friends F and B at Kuwait National Museum . The concert is one of the activities of Al-Qrain Cultural Festival, you can check their website for the activities and lectures.

The existence of the country’s first symphony orchestra originated out of Kuwait’s Higher Institute of Musical Arts, lead by the Dr.Suliman Aldaikan , the dean of the institute .

The concert was more than perfect, Dr.Suliman is so creative to present the Kuwaiti cultural art music in a unique modernize new version   , I love his sense in music, I am so impressed by the orchestra’s high level of playing .  I was trying to upload some videos but I don`t know what is wrong with the internet connection.  

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LWDLIK said...

Glad you enjoyed it! Was sad the website and the schedule wasn't printed printed in English. Would be nice to attend some of the events.