Sunday, January 22, 2012

Morning post ,a request please

Good morning,

It is freezing out there and yaa I am enjoying it . yes I hardly can  move my fingers ,  layering my clothes and wearing my mucks boots , but I don`t know where are my gloves ???

Tonight I am invited to a wedding, so also it is the perfect time to wear my fur coat . I am thinking to go with simple elegant look , my hair is damaged after  all the weddings I attended the last few months , so no updos  for me for all the upcoming weddings .

I was wondering, where can I find spikes?? Individually?? Are they available here in Kuwait?? Please if anyone knows please comment and let me know where I can find them  


Anonymous said...

where to find spikes ?
i'm sorry i didnt understand your question :/

Anonymous said...

try blokaat

LadyB_Q8 said...

They sell spikes at alblockat,
m7al esma Ghazi to be more exact they have a wide selection of studs and spikes !

amani said...

I just bought spikes from Blockat dear .. :)

good luck