Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Parties to come

Kilsh kilsh I am not in the mood, to be honest with you wedding parties really affect the budget, time and health , yes my hair is damged walah

My mother-in-law will throw a reception party for the new bride , and it will be like a wedding ya3ne not regular reception , but I am not planning to buy a dress walah , am trying to save money for my London shopping trip and I don`t want to waste the money  here in Kuwait ; /

I will wear the same dress I wore in my sister`s wedding, it designed by Philip Lim and I I just wear it once.

So that is it   

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Anonymous said...

Designer dresses are bought to be worn over & over until they r worn out or out of fashion. You have paid for name, quality, & design not to wear it once only! So enjoy wearing your fabolous dress & put yourself out there.