Monday, January 16, 2012

i cant sleep

I am back to the drama of JJ snoring, he stopped that for months  , but lately  I don`t know why the problem is back again , he didn`t gain weight I guess !! Maybe it is because the weather .

I can`t sleep, if I do, I will not have a good sleep, I will be awake every 5 minutes by the noise.

Nothing to do , really . I don`t know if I am right or wrong , but I believe that is Love :P  I can`t leave the bed to sleep in the living room , I rather stay awake for months but not to leave  .

Yes I am tired, it shows in my face, but there is nothing to do.

And guess what??  during the weekend when he spends the night at the beach house with his friends !! I miss his snoring and I can’t sleep too

I have a complicated issue, it will not be resolved : )

Love you jj , and I love everything about you  


Anonymous said...

Ihave the exact same problem 
Ididnt sleep at all last night 
Idont know what to do

NewQ8 Bride said...

There is nothing to do :) we have to used to that , let's thank God the we are with our lovers :)

Au natural said...

cute :) mashAllaah allah itamem 3laikom ya rab:)

Anonymous said...

hey:) actually u dont need to get used 2 it! let him go to an ENT doctor to check his nose, he might have a deviation or la7mia which can be resolved with surgery;)