Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy birthday my jj

Today is JJ's Birthday , and as I mentioned before in twitter this year we r not planning something big for our birthdays , we are saving the real gifts later enshalah during our shopping vacation .

So I took the day off , and I slept till 12 p.m :p I couldn't wake up tp join him for breakfast :p

The weather is amazing mashalah , I invited him to lunch at Zee brgr , located at The Palms Hotel .

We loved everything there , the service , atmosphere and the food . I highly recommended the burgers , Zee and the mexican burger .

I guess I should give it another visit to try more stuff from the menu .

JJ is so sweet so he feels that lunch invitation is enough as a birthday gift :p

Unlike me of course , I create a huge fuzz on my birthday to let the entire world knows that I am the birthday girl and yes I want gifts :p

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