Saturday, January 28, 2012

Emotional breakdown and a wake up call

I was kind of desperate the last few days , I was thinking what will happened to me the next 30 years ? I know that kind of negative thoughts are bad for me , I should have faith in God that everything in my life is going according to God's will .

El7mdelah , I am a strong woman , and I am saying el7mdelaah to everything is happening in my life . Sometimes , i feel some weakness , that I forget every wonderful detail and concentrate on the emptiness :( I hate it when that unstable mood happened but I am human and I am weak .

On the last few days during my emotional breakdown , estghfar alaah I kept asking why me ? And why this is happening to me added to that , I am not loosing weight which is the end of the world for me , during all these angry emotions I forget that God knows what is the best for me , I received a news the death of a young man , he is almost as the same age as JJ :(

I thought , what are the feeling of his wife ? What is her life is going to be the next 30 years ? I felt ashamed of myself , that I have to thank God for the blessings I am owning , I have an amazing parents el7mdelah , a lovable husband , great friends and am a healthy person that I can walk , see and listen

Alhumdellah for everything , and I feel sorry that once I thought that God is punishing me for not giving me what I wanted

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Anonymous said...

keep faith. The good about downs they all eventually go to ups once we see the little things we r blessed to have. El7mdeAllah. :D

Anonymous said...

ماكو الا العافية ان شاءالله

NewQ8 Bride said...

writsz : thank you so much :) loved your words

Anon: ان شاء الله :)

Shayo5a said...

لا يا قلبي لا تقولين جذي :* بالاستغفار و الدعاء ان شاء الله الي تبينه يصير، قعدي بعد كل صلاة استغفري ربج 100 مره والله حتى دقيقتين ما ياخذون منج و شوفي ثمرات هالاستغفار اذا داومتي عليه، و احسني الظن بالله تعالى، فالله عند ظن عبده به فأحسني الظن فيه و وكلي امورج كلها له سبحانه فهو مدبر كل شيء و هو يبدل الاحوال بين ليلة و ضحاها من حال الى افضل حال ;* و الحمد لله على كل حال، اسأل الله انا يديمنا و اياكم على طاعته و حسن الظن به