Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Earplugs !

Are they going to work ? With the snoring problem that hunt is facing ? Or is it me who suffers :p

- I will try them and we will see ;) Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


Anonymous said...

noooo these might be nice when you're sleeping sitting down (like in an airplane for example)

go to the pharmacy and look for nose stickers .. it opens up a person's nose and the person can breath better so he wouldn't have to snore
i see sport players put it on their noses while they're playing sometimes, i'm not sure why

but i'm sure that ur husband will stop snoring if he puts the nose sticker on PLUS it will help him breathe better

نزهاويه said...

NO NO NO don't ever-never use it

لا تستعملينهم مو زينين حق الاذن
انا اختي كله تستعملهم
و كله اذنهم تعورها يسببون التهاب

و على طاري التهاب الاذن بعد لا تسعملين عود الاذان يسبب التهاب بعد :p

r.alsharif said...

So, do they work? :p I share a room with my sister and she talks while she's sleeping yabeeli earplugs!