Tuesday, December 06, 2011

YSL Arty Ring

صار لي مده و انا افكر بهالخاتم ، مريت البوتيك بالكويت ما كان عندهم مقاسات و لفيت على السايتات بالنت و لقيت بس كنت متردده لين قررت اخر شي انه أامن مكان
طبعا خلال 4 ايام وصل الكويت بس الحلوين الجمارك لازم تأخير 5 ايام زياده ، اليوم و انا رايحة بيتنا و لا امي و ابوي يقولون لي

ترى وصل :) طبعا فرحتي ، انا لما اشتري شي اكون ابيه حدي افرح و اسوي لي حفله

الخاتم وايد فاشن و انا عموما احب الخواتم ، صورته عشان احطه في


عطوني رايكم ؟؟؟؟
i have been  admiring those rings for a while , checking the store in Kuwait and  websites . That is me , when i fell in love with something , i keep thinking and thinking about it till i get it .

Finally , i thought the safest place to order from is  , net-a-porter.com ..

Only in four days , the package was here in Kuwait , but of course it have been delayed in costomes for more five days as usual .

today , i went to my parents and here it is , my Lovely Arty gold-plated glass ring so chick and so fashionable  . i am  taking some shots to submit them in my tumblr

Loved it :D Tell what do you think ??

to order the ring :


LadyB_Q8 said...

I love it, its an amazing buy I already have two purple and dark green i'm still thinking about buying pink one as well!
What size did you get?

NewQ8 Bride said...

Thanks dear :) am thinking to get pink one too , my size is 7 but yamkin akheth 7am half next time

Toomzie said...

love it. beautiful

Rawan said...

Gorgeous!! 3aalich bel3afyaa ;*
I have the turquoise one and i love it too <3

Anonymous said...

Hellow 3alich bel 3afya ..bas2ilich lama 6alabteeh min net a porter 3ala ay shareka ??