Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What is going on with me, i am sooo tempered, I became angry and act like a crazy maniac . I am stubborn and hard headed . I feel one day jj will kick me out of the house. He is so calm and wise and am maynooona

today we had a morning argument , i know 100% that he is right , and i have nothing against him so i keep talking and talking with no reason and there is nothing to say  , because he didn’t do anything wrong and i am the villain

The good thing that i can`t leave the house while he is upset, I feel guilty so I ended up apologizing for my craziness

madree shagool bas shway methyagaa mn nafsee , i can`t stop blaming my self :(

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iyaa said...

yes sometimes it happens with me also :$
bs try to control yourself..