Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Please , don't let me down , I really need u

I was shocked of what I felt today , it's been a while since we had a proper date , lately we go out for diner or lunch as a unplanned meeting , usually I end up wearing something casual and run out with him .

Today We went out for fu6oor , I felt that we are out for the first time
, mn zman ma y9df enah n6l3 o e7na mjahzen nafsna

I was asking him to set a date as a date night , he refused , he prefers it unplanned .

Today , I felt that I really missing him , I know everything is more than fine at home , but I miss going out with him a lot , that what makes a married woman different , that she can hold his hand and spend a lovely time with her man .

Yes , I hang out with my friends all the time , I've been to all the hip places in Kuwait but with my friends not him.

I decided to give it a try again and asked him to set a weekly date night for us , I sent him a bb massage asking him that , I cried , he said let's give it a try .

So I will have a date night enshalah

JJ , I am not doing that to control your life , I am doing that because I miss u

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Toomzie said...

awww!!! yes yes i support date night :D

Anonymous said...

Most men SUCK at this .. i keep asking my hubby for a date night and he prmised that he'll do it one day .. it's been two years now and no date just random stuff

what sucks even more is when a Kuwaiti guy is with a NON-Kuwaiti woman they do date nights all the time 3alabo ehya 3andaha chethee eb deerat'ha .. THEY SUCK !

sorry i got carried away lol just wanted you to know that you're not alone :)