Thursday, December 08, 2011

New blog on the block : Joy of Adoption تبني الأطفال في الكويت

When she called me to tell me the news , I was shocked & nervous , I didn’t know what to do and all what I was thinking of , is how mum is going to accept it , my young littile sister  called me to tell me that they got the approval  to foster care a baby !!
لما دقت علي اختي الصغيرة و بلغتني ان تم الموافقه عليهم اهيا و زوجها انهم راح يكفلون طفل يتيم و يعيش معاهم بالبيت حاشتني صدمه مو طبيعية ، طنت خايفة على متوترة و مو مستوعبة ، ما كنت عارفة شنو ردة فعل امي على الموضوع  و شنو ردة الناس  
Yes I was scared , it is something new in our family , I was worried  , scared I don’t know I have mixed feeling , I post about before and I deleted the post .
الشي كان يديد علينا  و على عايلتنا و انا كتبت بوست على الموضوع من قبل و مسحته  

I was afraid, how am I going to accept the baby , a baby we don`t know , am I going to love him ?? I was scared that I may not love that poor baby the way I love my nephews and nieces. How people will accept that??
كنت خايفة شلون راح اتقبل البيبي ؟؟ انا ما اعرفه ؟ و اصلا انا ما احب اليهال ما اتحملهم و بالغصب اتحمل عيال اخواني مع اني ازفهم زف شلون راح اتقبل ياهل ما اعرفه ؟؟ كنت خايفه اني اظلمه و ما اعامله عدل مثل ما اعامل الباجي و بعدين ربي يعاقبني
My sister is a brave girl , and her husband too  , to take this step in a society that full of gossiping , but she did it , and she didn’t care about any one , she said , Islam encouraged adoption , why we have to hide with some silly rules that made by Men ??
اختي شجاعة انها قدرت تاخذ هالخطوة في مجتمع ما يتقبل شي و يحب الحجي و ما همها احد ، دام الدين الأسلامي شجع هالشي ليش نستحي منه بقوانين احنا حاطينها حق نفسنا ؟؟
God bless her , you don`t know how much I love her baby 7amoodi , oh my god he is an angel , cute and katkooot

الله يبارك لها فيه و سبحان الله هالياهل الله نزل حبه بقلبي و بقلب كل الناس اللي شافوه حبيبي حمودي الكتوت

ممكن تزورون البلوق الخاص فيها عشان تعرفون اكثر عن تجربتها
So check her blog to know her experience


Anonymous said...

The rules of adoption are not man made... As far as I'm concerned...

Anonymous said...

مرحبا ... انا من المتابعين الصامتين لمدونتج
بس صراحه لفت نظرى الموضوع وحبيت اعلق عليه ....

بالنسبه للدين الاسلامي صح ان دين سماحه ويسر بس حرم التبيني لان فيه اختلاط بالانساب والحقوق الشرعيه من ميراث وغيره

NewQ8 Bride said...

Anon : I know that , what I meant that some traditions rules became stronger then realign , which is wrong

Anony : شكرا على المتابعه اللي صار انه كفاله يتيم يعني ما تسمى باسمهم و الحمدالله مرت اخوي رضعته عشان جذي يحل علينا انشالله

Veil and More said...

I just read about them today... I think it was on ilsul6ana's blog! Wow so these kind-hearted couple are your sister and her husband!
Mashalla 3alaaihum... Alla ybalegh'hum o ybareklehum feeh ;)
He is absolutely adorable... Mal 3aaaath ;***
Hats off to ur sister... I was so touched when I read the post.

Anonymous said...

i didnt understand, is it kfalat yateem? weela tbani ? cuz they're too different things !

Anonymous said...

They shouldn't name it نبني
or else people will understand it that wrong way.