Sunday, November 27, 2011

What to do if your man is not around ?

Don't worry if he is away for the weekend , there enormous things to do :

1- wear an unmatched sleepwear : I wish I could show you the real unmatched thing:p

2- Hangout with your girls all day : not because he is not allowing me to meet them , but when he is home , I feel guilty leaving him , and I don't want to waste the time without him ( miss u already JJ )

3- spend your day with your mum : she is missing you , and you are still her little princes

4- eat , eat and eat while sitting on the floor in front of your tv and watch your favorite movie .

5- clean his closet and throw the shirts that u hate :p

6- apply hair/face mask

7- imagine that you are still single but u are living in an apartment :p alone
So jump in your bad and act crazy

8-Take a calm bubble bath

So , any ideas ?? Share with me please ;)

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Veil and More said...

Looool 3ajeeeeb Hal post! O yay fi wakta :p I'm dropping off my hubby at the airport in a few hours.. Business trip :(

Maybe I'll try out some of your suggestions while he's away... Especially the face mask and warm bubble bath :) or better.. Spend a day at spa time!! :p

NewQ8 Bride said...

Oh dear , enshalah yrj3 blsalama , just relax and enjoy your "Me" time :) so when he is back enshalah he will notice the new u

AbSa said...

hehehehe this is a fun post to read :d