Friday, November 18, 2011

Newq8bride will not be the only bride

So , something new is going to happened enshalah , my brother-in-law is getting married enshalah , and I don't know if I mentioned that before , that I am the only daughter in law for five years now :)

I am so excited , I meet the girl today finally , she looks so cute and enshalah enshalah we will be good friends .

I know all these stories about daughters -in-law fighting and feeling jealous from each other , that stereotype image wen used to see in tv series or in movies , I have to be honest with you , I have that side in my personality , but thankfully when I meet her , she looks so friendly.

Tra walah Ana 6aybaa , yes shway d3laaa bas walah 6aybaa :p

So , I have to get ready for the wedding , I am working hard to loose more weight and am still looking for a dress .

So I will be waiting for your recommendations girls :)

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Anonymous said...

يا رب الله يوفقه ويتمم عليه ولا يفرقهم

وأنتي بعد الله يحفظج ولا يفرقكم يا رب

أنا بعد ودي أنزل وزني لازم أبلش مشي أنتي بعد خصوصا الجو صاير حلو

Veil and More said...

Hi newq8bride ;)
I've been following your blog for sometime now... Great job!
Awl shay taqabal allaa 6a3tech .. 7aj mbroor o thanb maghfoor Inshala..
Thani shay I would love it if you'd check out my blog:
it's all about weddings since you have a family wedding coming up soon! Alla ytamem 3la khaair

Let me know what you think ;)

Anonymous said...

الله ويفقج يا رب ... بس لا تنخدعين بالمظاهر و انشالله بالتوفيق للجميع