Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The weddings season

It is the weddings season , my schedule is full , add to it the receptions and dinners . Tomorrow , we are invited at the bride-to-be house for dinner , and my mother in law is taking the dowry to the bride .

In my family we don't make it like that , we have a meeting dinner (t3aroof) for the engagement official announcement and later we decided when is the milcha day ( the day we sign the papers ) . In my case , the wedding and milcha were on the same day because I had a long engagement and I never regret it .

I am wondering regarding tomorrow , the milcha will be in the afternoon and we are taking the dowry at night ! I don't know , but each family have their own rules

So , for me all what I am thinking of ,is my look , am wondering what am I going to wear .

I know this month till the end of December , my hair will be damaged

So let's see till tomorrow what will happened

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