Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I was desperate but CoCoaRoom fixed my day

It` here , the lovely cold weather everyone is keep talking about all day .

How did I spend it ? To be honest I wasn't planning anything , I was kind of desperate I don't know why , I don't feel well these days , I received a call from one of my friends asking me to join her and one of het friends at the Cocoa Room

Am glad I did it , I had a wonderful relaxing time , I had hot chocolate twice !! Imagine that , Twice !!

The place was full , and I like that atmosphere , I feel happy dining in a place full of people , it makes me feel comfortable and I feel life is amazing el7mdelah

So , why I feel sad , all these political issues makes me feel disappointment , some of my friends are not getting well with me , some of them blocked and deleted me from twitter ! Thats sad :/

Another thing , my sister in law had an accident with her husband and kids last week , I feel sorry for her and her kids are breaking my heart . I hate going to hospitals but I have to visit them , the kids m3awren galbee

I'll add some imges from my dinner later :)

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