Sunday, October 02, 2011

Wedding Anniversary in Bahrain: Part 3

I discovered that my weekend in Bahrain was all about food: P so let me continue ;)  that after our Indian dinner at the Nirvana , we couldn`t left the hotel because of the incident that happened , so we stayed at the hotel lobby to drink some coffee , JJ was craving some Turkish coffee

i didnt like it it was burned

there was a shopping arcade with six luxury boutiques , unfortunately the were already closed

on the next day we went to Alsaif Mall , I told jj that I had lunch in a Persian restaurant that located in the new phase at al saif , so he was fascinated to try it and I didn`t mind , I didn’t know what was wrong with I was hungry all the time :P

i forgot what was it called !!

                                                                i liked the modern decoration


                                                                   Fresh Baked irnain bread

                                                  yammmy ,7adde 7abeet tha marag Bameya i ordered

Next to it, you can find the organic and food cafe, a supermarket and a cafe with only organic products

i hope you like my reviews , walah kan wedde a9awer kil shay ;)

If you want to ask me anything about my weekend trip , please do


Anonymous said...

Those estekana's look so cheerful. Hope you had a lovely time.

Anonymous said...

Aslam 3likom

Mshkora 3la el feedback

ana nawya aro7 el bahrain

shlon lw`6a3 hnak tn97en aro7 ?

ana nawya a5r october

sp2al 2 :)

r7ty 7lbat syarat ?