Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nail Polish Saloon , i love you but ............

انا هذا طبعي ، مثل ما امدح اي مكان يعجبني اذا شفت شي ما عجبني لازم اقول ، يمكن الموقف اللي صار اللي بيقراه بيحس اني مبالغة بالموضوع بس انا كزبونه من حقي اني اقول وجهة نظري

i am a loyal costumer of Nail polish saloon  , and because i am a loyal costumer , i have to tell the truth about what really upset me there .

i talked about nail polish saloon a lot admiring their job , how i love the atmosphere there watching friends episodes while i got pampered .

Costumers of nail polish saloon definitely know the lovely indian recipient in aljabreya branch , today my appointment was at 3 O `clock

when i arrived ,  another lady was there  at the reception  , she is a philippine lady , i forget her name , i have been seated and waited because i was there early , another costumer arrived and the same lady from the reception seated her next me , the costumer said talking to her : there is a bad smell ...

ok what do you think that receptionist did ????? she gave me that strange look and gazed to my feet !!!! so the costumer followed her look !!!!! what does that mean ???there is only one explenation ,  that i am a smelly person  9a7 ???? or what ?????? then the costumer told her : no no there is a smell of electricity or something burning !!!!!

then she left and switched off a foot massage machine

her reaction made me upset , i was going to leave ,  really i was going to cancel my appointment and leave , she must learn how to deal with costumers , walah akhrt-haaaa ana a9eer smelly !!!!!!!! ooof ana 3ad elkil y3rfneee enee ree7at el akel ma ashteeheeha talzg fene halmaaraa ana t9eer re7tee khaysaaa ??????

but then my lovely indian receptionist came back from her break then everything became fine i loved  my manicure , but trust me i feel hurt about happened

my fault is that i didn't talk her right away 7saaafaaa ,

yes i am thinking to not go there again walah


r.alsharif said...

Hathee 7ail 7aaail 8aleelat adab!

Anonymous said...

حبيبتي لا ما بالغتي ولا شي تصرف الفلبينية اهوا اللي عيب ووقح والمفروض تشتكين حراام يمكن المعزبة ماتدري واكيد ماراح ترضا !!!!

انا مره بصالون الثاني الفلبينية اللي ماسكتني منفسسسسسسسسسسسسسسه جني بايقه ريلها بكل هدوووء قلت لها قومي ونادي المسؤلة وقل لها انتوا تشتغلون بفلوووس اذا حايشتكم الطناقر الزبون مو ذنبه؟

الموقف اللي صارلج يثبت انه هالفلبينيه لا بروفيشنال ولا يهمهخا انج تتركين محلهم

انشالله صووتج وصل

AMA Traveler said...

ambeeh mo 9ech !! 3ad you alwas go there ! you are their loyal customer !! allah yahi rude qleelat eladab ! the massage should be delivered to the owner

النوري said...

oh lord sij kalba e7tareeet 3alich wallla ana also i love the indian receptionist etyanin just a lovely breez :)
bas u should take it to the owners i actually love the place am doing my nails to relax me to the max if u go again and feel tense dont go try another

+nice color :)