Friday, October 07, 2011


I learned a lot from life , that I am living among people , so I have to understand and learn how to deal with everyone .

I learned that I am not in a war , I have to learn to response to their intruding questions in a diplomatic way .

When my sister adopted her cute lovely baby , I learned an important lesson , never ever let the opinions of other people control my life .

Aaaaaaah I miss the days when I was a young girl with no worries

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mimi said...

we live in a society where people eat you alive and focus on what's missing in your life to make you feel worse and for them to feel perfect

DONT let them get to you and don't be too nice .. la tjaamleen 3ala 7saab nafsech

you know what, you need to relax .. not in a spa or Paris or anything like that .. eshrayech tro7en 3omra ? or maybe 7aj since it's coming soon, believe me you'll feel alot better