Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hey , happy Sunday , El7mdelaah thanks God I am more than fine after the Flu shot , I was tired during the weekend  , I couldn`t  move my arm and it was really difficult to fall asleep .
JJ takes the shot today, God help me I know he will be over reacting as if that he is only one on earth who is taking that flu shot: P there is nothing personal but that is Men Nature.

I posted about that issue before , and I am pointing  about it again , we can handle more pain than you guys , walah even if we complain , we will complain to ourselves ( I kept tweeting about it )  .

So I will be waiting for what are approaching me from different kinds of men troublesome: P

Wish me luck :D

Girls , Share with me your experience with your husband , father , brother and male friends , and how could you deal with their over reacted sickness mood .

Guys , defend yourselves ;)  


ali said...

if he is going to overreact over a flu shot, what's he going to do in Haj then? seriously ?

NewQ8 Bride said...

enshalah in haj we will not be sick enshalah