Sunday, October 16, 2011

Haj حملة بورحمة

The countdown has started , and I started to get worried  and anxious , still I didn’t prepare my stuff or what am I going to take with me , how is it will be there  ?? sharing rooms , traveling for the first time with my mother in law and jj`s aunts , my mother will be there 2 and my sister  : )

I know that JJ usually get nervous , when he  stresses , but I hope enshalah he will not do that this time , mabeeh y39b o ytnrfz cuz I will get mad and I don`t want such a scene to happen in front of everyone .

Enshalah .

Ysterday we recived a massage from  Al7mlaa Burhama  حملة بورحمة

تدعوكم ادارة الحمله لما يلي :
- استلام هدية الحاج من مقر الحمله
-التطعيم لدى مراكز الصحة الوقائية التابع لمنطقتكم .
- سداد قيمة الهدي / الأضاحي بقيمة 40 دينار
- استكمال ملف الحاج

و بعد دزوا لنا دعوة لحضور حفل التعارف يوم الأثنين 17/10/2011 في فندق كراون بلازا

بنات منو بيروح الحج  السنة ؟ يمكن القاكم معاي  بنفس الحمله ؟  

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SandyBelle_Q8 said...

taqabal alah 6a3tich muqadaman,
I didn't go to haj yet, inshallah allah yaktebli ro7a el sina el yayah. :)
I hear women take essential stuff with with labled with ( disposable) and ( faragrance free skin products) which is very important while u r there. :)

inshallah tkon sahalat. waiting for ur posts about it :)