Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Haj meeting اجتماع حملة بورحمة

i attended the introductory meeting arranged by Burahama for haj services ,  there was a seminar about what will going on there , and what are the services they are providing  mashalah i felt relived , they were so friendly , i was kind of scared but after listing to them and how they are going to help us in everything el7madelaah i feel comfortable and so excited to go
حضرت امس اجتماع حملة بورحمة للحج و الحمدالله الحمدالله انا كنت وايد خايفة بس بعد اللقاء كل شي صار واضح و حسيت بالراحة شرحوا لنا كل شي و الحمدالله وايد وايد خفف التوتر اللي انا فيه
We received our luggages , with the logo on it
استلمنا الجناط اللي مكتوب عليهم شعار الحملة

before leaving we got a bag that contains some  Haj instruction booklets , CDs and some Du3a2 books 

and a pre paid sim card

That it is it for now , enshalah more posts will be there
To get more Information about Haj please check this site http://www.performhajj.com/what_is_hajj.php
and follow @burahmahaj  for Haj services


Anonymous said...

hi.... me too this year ma3ach 7aj ma3a bur7ama;)
bs i didn't get the prepaid sim card !!! wain wazi3o bil lega2 iltanweri ? wela ya ma3a eljan6a ?

NewQ8 Bride said...

Woooooow wanasaaaa , we have to meet girl:) , the sim card was given to my husband , e7na ma 36oona so gelt I will ask them blma6aar :)

Can't wait waayed mestansaa alaah ytamem galena enshalah