Friday, September 02, 2011

What is the secret of happiness between couples ?


Yes , keep love , lust , want , miss on one side , and just concentrate on the communication between both of u .

During the engagement, If u can talk to each other , you will live happily ever after .

Because when you reached a cretin age , the physical ( sexual) attraction will disappear , and the only thing will be left from all these years , is the ability of sitting together and enjoy talking with each other .

girls don't say yes to prince charming , If he can't tell you a bed time story , marry shreck if you believe that you can stay all night with your head on his chest talking about your life and he loves it .

So lovers , keep talking

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Chick Flick Journal said...

thanks for the advice love xx

Anonymous said...

I agree. Communication is very important in relationships.

Communication doesn't just mean talking. It means CONNECTING with another person. You connect with them through your eyes, your words, and even your ears. Instead of only hearing them talk, we need to actually LISTEN.
But sadly, some married couples today give their partners "the silent treatment". Ya3ni el7gran l2anhom mit7arbeen. That is torture. Because humans are social by nature. Ignoring a person can lead to depression.
Also, fighting is a form of communication. A study showed that people would rather be criticized than ignored.

Nice post Bride!

Au natural said...

Your so right, and the photo is really cute :*

Saud said...

It's no secret!! Really.. tell them to take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A good meal, good music and dancing (optional). She goes Thursdays, he goes Fridays. :P

naah not really, clean living, good communication, and creative minds, this what keeps it fresh and joyful.

vyyvaa said...

i have it extra difficult in my case, since my husband is the silent type.. but it has gotten me alot better at my marriage, for sure, must never be silent especially when upset, always communicate your feelings, especially the good ones :)

BeRo0Q8 said...

nice advice talking is a good thing in every relationship.. :D

3asa allah ytamem 3alaaich :***