Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wedding Anniversary in Bahrain: Part1

I've been to Bahrain thousands times , JJ did 2 , but this is our first time together , as I posted before , since I get married , my anniversary usually occurred on Ramathan , so we never planned a celebration , as a rule we delayed  the event after Ramthan and celebrated few months later .

This year, We decided to change our regular routine, so I suggested to JJ to spend a weekend in Bahrain . It was a perfect choice. El7mdelah

من عمر و انا اسافر البحرين و ج بعد ، بس هالسفرة اول سفرة لنا للبحرين مع بعض ، من تزوجت و كل سنة يصادف عيد زواجي في رمضان عشان جذي ما كانت تسمح الأجواء انه نسافر او نحتفل فيه بره الكويت ، دايما كنت اأجل و نحتفل فيه لو بعد شهور ، السنة كان الوضع مناسب و قلت حق ج شرايك نروح البحرين بالويكيند . و الصراحة كان اقتراح موفق :)

My mother is half Bahraini , so when I visited Bahrain before,  I stayed in my aunt's house , and the purpose of my visits always to attend a wedding or a social event . So for this trip, I had no idea where to stay, or what are the best hotels .

After doing some searches and asking friends, we decided on The Ritz Carlton Hotel.

كنت كل ما اروح البحرين اقعد فبيت خالتي ، انا امي نصها بحريني من صوب الام ، عشان جذي عندنا اهل هناك و كل روحاتي البحرين عشان اروح عرس او احضر مواجيبعشان جذي كنت وايد متوهقة و ما ادري وين راح اسكن ، و انا ابي كل شي يصير مضبوط عشان لا يعصب علي ج

سألت و قعدت ادور اونلاين  و اخر شي القرار كان فندق ريتز كارلتون

The hotel was not that far from the airport, the resort  was enormous, the security at the main gate made me feel comfortable   , I was kind of anxious regarding the latest incidents that happened in Bahrain, so staying in a hotel with high security level made me relived   .

الفندق ما كان بعيد وايد عن المطار ، طبعا البحرين كتوتة نتفه ، بس المكان كان واااايد كبير ، منتجع اكثر من ما اهوا فندق ، كان في تفتيش عند البوابة الرئيسية و هالشي ريحني شوي لأن شوي كنت احاتي بخصوص الأوضاع
Bahrain Streets

The Hotel Lobby

I couldn’t take more pictures in the lobby because I have been told that it is not allowed

The room, was comfortable and cozy, with a great view ,  the service was excellent   , a luxurious five stars service.

The View from my room

The room

The Nespresso Machine these images are special and only for expatandthecity i know how much she loves Nespresso ;)

I made my booking from booking.com, so I mentioned that we are celebrating our wedding anniversary, I didn't inform  the reception whenwe  get there or ask them for any arraignments. To my surprise, we received a lovely greeting card from the hotel management, and a hand written card from the Guest  Recognition Manger Mr. Pradeesh Kumar .

I was so excited, I know it is a simple card but that kind of gestures showed me how is it  important to the hotel management to take care of their guests and reach complete guest satisfaction . I called Mr. Paradeesh and thank him for the greeting cards .

moreover he recommended to us to dine in one of the hotel`s restaurant which I am going to talk about in my Part 2 post.

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Unknown said...

7ayach allah fi deertch :)
Ritz is fab ! plz tell me you have dinner in Nirvana (great Indian cuisine )

maybe next time you can stay at Sofitel Zallag (it's just 15 mins via highway to Seef District ) and v v romantic :)

amani said...

Lovely letter from The hotel GRM I really loved the
Idea ..

Anyway Wish u all the best with ur beloved husband w allah ykhalekom lba3a9'


Anonymous said...

he website was how do i say it… relevant, finally something that helped me. Many thanks

Expat and the City said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! I love Bahrain and dream of staying at the Ritz Carlton one day. It looks fantastic and now that I know they have Nespresso…….!!! Yipeeee! Your post gave me the biggest smile. :D Thank you sweetie.

Butterfly Chick said...

Welcome to Bahrain :) I am glad you enjoyed it here!

I agree with Bahrainipreneur.. You gotta visit Sofitel next time ;)

AMA Traveler said...

3laich eb alf 3afiaa !! you deserve the best dear friend :*** and yeah Happy Anniversary :D glade that you enjoyed the sta bs pls abi aqra el notes :P tdreen a7b hl sowalef shno katbeen lekum loool ;)o el pool NAAAR ;)

r.alsharif said...

Your view is gorgeous! Happy anniversary! :D

Chick Flick Journal said...

awww this is cute celebrating in bahrain <3

SandyBelle_Q8 said...

Happy anni. to many many more years to come. bel3afya 3alaikm :) the view is to die for mashallah.
and the note gesture is! How sweeeet. :)

iyaa said...

Happy Anniversary, wish u the best wo allah yewafgech dear :)

Ellie M said...

Looks fab :) Happy Anniversary xxx