Monday, September 12, 2011

This post is for the boys & some girls 2 : Fast Five

Fast five, was the movie we ordered yesterday for our unprepared movie night, unprepared means: No popcorns, no Pepsi and no food in general.

We watched the movie from OSN box office. One important thing about me watching that movie : I love cars racing and speed stuff  , I don`t know what do they call it but I got thrilled , since I was young I love to play car racing on sega or Nintendo , but I believe no one can noticed that because of that stereotype everyone addressing me ( spoiled –– tiny –short-loved pink ) lady

No ,  I have that other dark side , if I am  living in another life , that  is what I am going to be .


Over all the movie was amazing, yannany I was so excited and mesht6a that I didn’t stop talking and jj shway 3a9aab 3laa rasee :P
I am not a fan of  Dwayne Johnson nor Vin Diesel  , but I liked the movie .

I want to drive in drag race :P 7adee esht6aa6 , so jj told me he will get me the new Xbox Driver game ?? any one tried it ??


Unknown said...

i wanna order ahmed helmi movie isa this weekend

i watched fast five with anas i coudn;t stop making cars sounds after we left the cinema i love this movie

BeRo0Q8 said...

I Loved This Movie Really :D
One Of My Fav. :D