Friday, September 09, 2011

Random post about love or maybe it is to : dear someone

My man is not that type of a guy who cares about going to cafes or restaurants with his friends , he prefers going to the Dewanya ,mor spending the weekend with his friends in the chalet .

Spending his weekends there makes me miss him so much , sometimes I think that if he is doing that , I will never know how much we love and miss each other .

I am talking to the girls , keeping a space between you and your man ,helps your relationship to be glowing longer , I am talking according to my experience maybe I am right and I can be wrong .

There were these times when I decided to call him and tell him : come back home you are not leaving me again , but then I keep reminding myself , if we are not apart , I will not be missing him that much .

Any plant needs water to grow it up , love is just the same , you have to keep it growing year after year or trust me , you will not feel happy .

Yes you may got married , have kids but there will be no love or the relationship will be hmmmm Normal .

If you are fine that , your life will go on , but if you are just like me , that I will never allowed the love and passion between us to decrease , you have to understand your relationship with him and keep working on how to make the love bigger .

That is my passion . To be loved , and to be in love .

With kids , without kids , with money or without money , that happiness of your relationship is when you are satisfied with love



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Chick Flick Journal said...

aww you guys are adorable <3 do you have kids?

Unknown said...

i believe this is the secret to happy marriage too

although works keep us apart most of the day i love from weeks to two for us to enjoy a day away from each other

BeRo0Q8 said...

That's A Great Advice Really..
allah y5lekom 7g ba3a'9 :D
and I Love How You always Look At The Bright side When Something Bothers You :D
sure he is away but we will miss each other..

As u said love is growing :D loved ur post really