Thursday, September 15, 2011

Newq8bride is thinking of .............

getting an iphone :P

I guess I will be one of those people that I used to criticize, carrying 2 mobiles , I already have a blackberry , and I want an iphone but I am not willing  to leave my bb  , so the only solution I have is to be one of them :P

So now I am confused,

Thanks to Zain and Wataniya they were so helpful by  sending me the links of their packages and offers .

Any recommendations?   


Jacqui said...

Ghal6ana this is not the right time to think of purchasing an iPhone as the new one is on our doors it will most likely be released within a month and then you will be stuck with the last generation.

I suggest you wait it out. You waited this long you might as well.

SandyBelle_Q8 said...

I was Like you for a couble of months then I said bye bye to the BB :)
I have a Wataniya line, the best package is the internet Wnet 11 KD monthly. it was 13 be4 o when I called they said now its 11 KD .. o mn fatraa kan 14 KD :P i know it's a mess. bs this one is the best one, ekaffeee for daily internet users.

Anonymous said...

dont you want to wait for iphone 5 !

it is few weeks away from now ;)