Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Mishref `s Girls Gathering : Hotel Missoni

We started that last year , and  we are planning to do it every Eid enshalah , a gathering for Mishref's high school girls class 95 ;) to dine at a 5 stars  hotel on the 3rd or 4th day of Eid .

 This year I took the charge of making the reservation , so I decided to call Hotel Missoni

I confirmed the reservation 3 times before the day we meet , I've been told that  it will be a buffet and the price will be 20 KD per person .

My friend arrived there exactly at 7:30 and.............. There was no reservation !!!

But they make it up for me ,  and told me it is ok ,  they already arranged a table for us.

Moreover there wasn't a buffet .

 My reservation was for Luna restaurant then we changed our mind and went down to the Italian "Cucina"  , after that we had dessert at the Choco cafe .

We loved it there , the place was calm , colorful and luxurious , , the staff were adorable and willing to help Their  Italian accent  was charming .

Overall ,we enjoyed our girls night out at  Hotel Missoni ,  it was a 5 stars experience.  Furthermore , If anyone asked me : will you go there again ? Definitely My answer will be yes.It is the perfect place for girls to hang out ,  couples date night  or a family meeting up .
I am planning to spend my wedding anniversary there  ;) e7m e7m hi dear husband , less than 2 weeks left :P

 i will leave yo now with the pictures :

Colour , colour , and more colour , my pants colour looks exactly like some of the walls there :P

Any girl from Mishref high school wanna join us in our Eid meetings plz contact me :)

To contact Hotel Missoni :

Tel : 25770000

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Ra-1 said...

أنا دفعتكم حطوني باللستة :)

Unknown said...

that looks like so much fun

Chick Flick Journal said...

wow i was 5 when you graduated from high school hehe