Wednesday, September 07, 2011

From my Life after Marriage : i am Selfish , don`t Go


People who used to read my blog know how many  the times I traveled …


I traveled with friends, family, my mother or  for a business   trip.   We talked about that issue during our engagement, that both of us are fine with the idea of traveling with others. What really happened ,  I am the one who did the traveling thing, JJ traveled for only  weekends to attend a race or checking a car and that is it, still he didn’t travel for the (  guys only )  trip.

Two days ago , he told me that he is going to sharm alshaikh with his friends , I don`t know what is happening to me , I started to have that stomach cramps , and I have been thinking a lot , I started the nagging about how I am going to miss him and blah blah blah

I know the only word roaming in his mind is : Selfish

Yes I am a selfish woman and I am acting like a 19 years old in love with a 40 something man :P

I trust him, the way he trusts me , I love him that all what I wanted to do is to make him happy

So JJ  just go and enjoy your time , walah no matter what I did , you have to know that  

I want you to be happy


Chick Flick Journal said...

i know what you mean :(

ṧ♄ḯ5@⊥ Åʟℬαηαт said...

صح ..اغلبنا جذيه
seam Feeling :/