Sunday, September 04, 2011

A day

What a day , I am back to work after a lovely long vacation , I have lots of things to do , my day is full and I am already sleepy and it's on 7 P.M .

I have to work on my blog banners , I have posts to write and publish , I didn't take my nap today because I went to mom to take a look on what she is going to wear for tomorrow's party , yah I forget to tell you that my cousin is going to get married and his "milcha" is tomorrow . I am really tired , also I shouldn't skip my daily working out routine .

Over all I am tired , but at the same time , I love it when my time is fully booked ;)

So , how is your day? After Eid ?

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BeRo0Q8 said...

ya36eeech al3afyaaa 3ala kel shay :***
o 3al barkaa 3ala ur cousin..
and it's better be fulled with lots of stuff to do than staying empty handed with nothing to do but thinking :D

Amani said...

yeah a lotta works to do while feeling sleepy >>> i don't know why we all ended up with sleepy modes after eid al ftr ??
also i'm soo sick hating my life with running nose >_<
happy belated eid btw :)