Monday, September 05, 2011

Blogger ?? Get a life

I was standing at pinkberry 's line earlier today , when two girls behind me were talking , I don't like to spay on others conversations , but one of them said : yeeh all bloggers are nerds !!

I was like ,what??
How come we are nerds , while we are the most outgoing people on earth ? We like to meet new people , we are updated ??

I love my blog , I love blogging in general ;) so I don't mind to be called nerd if I am enjoying my time that much :)

So , bloggers , are we nerds ;p

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Fried_Junk! said...

Seriously? Were NOT Nerds, To Be honest if they knew behind the blogging world, who is blogging? they'll be amazed& shocked. :P
Just Saying haha!

Rainy said...

yes im nerd ... as far as im doing what am loving to do .. tadreen wain el meshkila ena el blogging 9art habba ... im a fashionable nerd :D

Amani said...

lol hell no though i've posted 4 blogposts just for today :P
blogging is kind of a relief thing instead of getting distracting on worthless stuff !!

Unknown said...

a lot of people told me they want to blog but they don't know how to deal with blogger and wordpress platforms so they consider bloggers not only nerds also geeks :S

mimi said...

I wouldn't say bloggers are nerds but i would say that they have "alot of free time in their lives" i wish i could have my own blog but i have alot of things in my life so i dont have time

i read and comment in blogs yes, but that doesn't make me commited to anything and i can stop whenever i want

Icarus said...

I think they Envy us ...They only say that because thay can see our impact on our society