Friday, September 16, 2011

B Villa , The perfect getaway for you ladies :)

"B Villa is a place for women to unwind and relax and enjoy B's tastes and specialites. B villa consists of four havens. Outside on the terrace, you'll be able to enjoy light snacks and beverages at B Cafe and in B-Studio you can take dancing classes such as Salsa, Zumba or even practice yoga while taking a beautiful view of the beach. Downstairs in our showroom, you can leaf through our hand-selected clothing and jewelry for each season and finally get your hair and make-up done by professional hands at B Salon."

I was dreaming of place that we girls can enjoy and relax just for us girls , I am impressed of the variety of services and entertainment I can get there .

I will visit the B Villa enshalah , and I will give you all a full review of the place which I am sure it will be a stunning experience

Here are some pictures of the villa , I got them from their Facebook page B Villa

More over they have just opened B-Studio.

Amani Abbassy, the famous Zumba instructor will be teaching Zumba at B Villa. Zumba with Amani is KD10.
All classes cost KD4 except with Amani Abbassy.
Monthly Packages are offered depending on how many classes you would like to take per week.

Girls , keep in mind that visiting the B villa is must , so get up , call your friends and have a wonderful girls gathering there

B Villa 's location :

Al-Bidaa,GCC St. Behind Al Zumurruda Hall, Villa #7 البدع، شارع التعاون خلف الزمردة فيلا رقم
And telephone number is: +965 66991160

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