Friday, September 30, 2011

Wedding Anniversary in Bahrain: Part2

So , the GRM recommended The Indian  restaurant in the hotel called Nirvana 

it got the best Indian Restaurant awards 2010 at the

That restaurant is amazing , the staff were so friendly and they welcomed us , the atmosphere is sooo romantic in an indian way , lovely

For sure a glass of water is a must in any indian restaurant  :P next to the "Achar"as a starter

delicious sambosaa as an appetizer

The main course , i ordered  vegetable Baryani with Butter Chicken gravy , JJ ordered beef baryani with meat and chilly paste gravy

tha food was aaaaaaaaaaaaaah

and here they are

oh my God i just remembered the taste and i am hungry so hungry right now  , i highly recommend the Nirvana guys , don`t miss it if you are thinking to visit bahrain
more food is coming on my part 3 ;) yes safrtee kilhaaa akel :P

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wedding Anniversary in Bahrain: Part1

I've been to Bahrain thousands times , JJ did 2 , but this is our first time together , as I posted before , since I get married , my anniversary usually occurred on Ramathan , so we never planned a celebration , as a rule we delayed  the event after Ramthan and celebrated few months later .

This year, We decided to change our regular routine, so I suggested to JJ to spend a weekend in Bahrain . It was a perfect choice. El7mdelah

من عمر و انا اسافر البحرين و ج بعد ، بس هالسفرة اول سفرة لنا للبحرين مع بعض ، من تزوجت و كل سنة يصادف عيد زواجي في رمضان عشان جذي ما كانت تسمح الأجواء انه نسافر او نحتفل فيه بره الكويت ، دايما كنت اأجل و نحتفل فيه لو بعد شهور ، السنة كان الوضع مناسب و قلت حق ج شرايك نروح البحرين بالويكيند . و الصراحة كان اقتراح موفق :)

My mother is half Bahraini , so when I visited Bahrain before,  I stayed in my aunt's house , and the purpose of my visits always to attend a wedding or a social event . So for this trip, I had no idea where to stay, or what are the best hotels .

After doing some searches and asking friends, we decided on The Ritz Carlton Hotel.

كنت كل ما اروح البحرين اقعد فبيت خالتي ، انا امي نصها بحريني من صوب الام ، عشان جذي عندنا اهل هناك و كل روحاتي البحرين عشان اروح عرس او احضر مواجيبعشان جذي كنت وايد متوهقة و ما ادري وين راح اسكن ، و انا ابي كل شي يصير مضبوط عشان لا يعصب علي ج

سألت و قعدت ادور اونلاين  و اخر شي القرار كان فندق ريتز كارلتون

The hotel was not that far from the airport, the resort  was enormous, the security at the main gate made me feel comfortable   , I was kind of anxious regarding the latest incidents that happened in Bahrain, so staying in a hotel with high security level made me relived   .

الفندق ما كان بعيد وايد عن المطار ، طبعا البحرين كتوتة نتفه ، بس المكان كان واااايد كبير ، منتجع اكثر من ما اهوا فندق ، كان في تفتيش عند البوابة الرئيسية و هالشي ريحني شوي لأن شوي كنت احاتي بخصوص الأوضاع
Bahrain Streets

The Hotel Lobby

I couldn’t take more pictures in the lobby because I have been told that it is not allowed

The room, was comfortable and cozy, with a great view ,  the service was excellent   , a luxurious five stars service.

The View from my room

The room

The Nespresso Machine these images are special and only for expatandthecity i know how much she loves Nespresso ;)

I made my booking from, so I mentioned that we are celebrating our wedding anniversary, I didn't inform  the reception whenwe  get there or ask them for any arraignments. To my surprise, we received a lovely greeting card from the hotel management, and a hand written card from the Guest  Recognition Manger Mr. Pradeesh Kumar .

I was so excited, I know it is a simple card but that kind of gestures showed me how is it  important to the hotel management to take care of their guests and reach complete guest satisfaction . I called Mr. Paradeesh and thank him for the greeting cards .

moreover he recommended to us to dine in one of the hotel`s restaurant which I am going to talk about in my Part 2 post.

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Monday, September 26, 2011


Back to life , I am back from Bahrain , it was a lovely weekend , enshalah I have a special post with details  .

So now with the real stuff , I am fully booked these week , I need to dye my hair , I have to order new contact lances , Sultan Center , and enshalah I have a wedding to attend on Friday , so I will be busy this week .

I missed my blog :* and you my readers  

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Off to Bahrain

I will be leaving tomorrow enshalah , to spend the weekend in Bahrain :)

See u soon enshalah

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trendy baby Favors

so cute crystal baby pacifiers

i got this cute favor from Ra1 reception :)

yes she is the cutest mother of a lovely baby boy  . Congratulation dear :*

Don`t Miss Mubaader Seminar and Workshop

enshalah i am going :) don`t miss it

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The most popular post of the week in my blog is:
Check the post if you didn`t ;)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to survive : ………………….بالعربي اذا نسى اي مناسبة شنو تسوين ؟؟

Wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or New years. All of us imagined how we are going to celebrate events like these with our partners, we spend our time, day- dreaming in classes , that when we will get married , we are going to celebrate   New Year’s eve in Paris , Birthday in a cruise , Valentine in Limo that will pick you up from work in front of all of your jealous colleagues 

When we will be facing reality, sometimes, the images can’t be matched.

وايد مرت علينا ايام احنا البنات نحلم بأحلام اليقظة و احنا بالمدرسة  انه شلون راح نحتفل بالمناسبات اذا تزوجنا ، تخيلنا نحتفل ب راس السنة في باريس ، و عيد ميلادنا و حنا بكروز  و فالنتاين انه نتفاجأ ب ليموزين يمرنا الدوام و نقعد نتشيحط على البنات اللي معانا
لكن لما ايي وقت الصجية راح نشوف انه الصورة مو مثل اللي راسمينها في بالنا
Girls , You have to understand , Men's mentality is entirely different then us , keep in mind their way of expressing love is not what we are expecting  , I know and heard plenty of complains , such as “ he didn`t remember my birthday , or he forget our  wedding anniversary .

That doesn`t mean that he is not in  love with  you , he is a man , a Kuwaiti man and he may not think about it as an important issue to prove his love because he believes that he is loving you  the whole year not only at this day  , it is similar to the idea of  wearing the wedding ring .

لازم احنا البنات تفهم انه طريقة تفكير الريال مختلفة وايد عن طريقتنا ، اسلوبهه في التعبير عن الحب مو مثل ما نتوقع ، وايد نسمع من ابنات انه تقول نسى عيد ميلادها او عيد زواجهم و ما تذكر
 هالشي مو معناته انه ما يحبج ، اهو ريال ، و بعد كويتي (يا هلا ) ما راح يطري على باله نهائيا انه هالموضوع مهم عشان يثبت حبه لأن اهو في باله انه طول السنة يحبج مو بس هاليوم !! الموضوع يشبه فكرة بعض الريايل على سالفه الدبله اذا لازم يلبسها او لأ
Don`t look forward for him to be able to read your mind, men will never get it , so ........

Take the 1st step, some of you will disagree with me, "leesh kilah ana elee ahtam o ohwaa ma ydree "  why I have to do all the business for him

you have to accept him the way he is , then you will be happy , trust me , tell him what do you want .

For example, ask him to have dinner, or suggest to travel in the weekend, you start working on  the arraignments , and take it from me he will never say reject . Some men get really confused of what to do. Sometimes he will surprise you, but maybe not every year .

  شنو الحل ؟ احنا البنات هالشي مهم عندنا ة من حقنا انه نفرح فيه ، شنو لازم نسوي
لا تتوقعين انه راح يقرا افكارج او يفهمها و اهيا طايرة ما راح يقدر يستوعب نهائيا  ، عشان جذي  انت ابدي الخطوة الأولى ، ادري يمكن بعضكم راح يعارضني انه ليش دايما احنا  اللي نشتط

لازم خلاص تتقبلين انه ما راح يتغير و هذا اهوه ، و الله راح تحسين بالراحة ، و الشي الثاني انج تقولين له شنو تبين
مثلا انتي اقترحي عليه انه تطلعون عشا ، او تحجزون ويكيند بفندق او تسافرون و انتي جهزي كل شي ، و الله ما راح يقولج لأ لأن بعض الريايل يكون متذكرين بس متوهق ما يدري شيسوي
يمكن يسوي لج مفاجأة بس مو كل سنة
As I said, if you want to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or any special occasion, it will be fine  to help him by giving him suggestions , reminders  , and make it easier for him .

Don`t wait till the last minute, and cry like a crazy maniac! He will be shocked from your reaction and your image will be un- clear from him that he is going to wonder if he is married to a lovely woman or a crazy spoiled child: P

Guys I am not forgiving you  or giving you excuses to be ignorant , you have to work hard too ; ) or at the end you will be sleeping alone .

مثل ما قلت قبل ، اذا تبين تحتفلين و مهم عندج انج تحتفلين ، ما فيها شي انج تساعدينه  و تعطينه اقتراحات او تذكرينه ، لا تنطرين لي يوم المناسبة و تقعدين تبجين و تصارخين جنج مو صاحية و تخلينه عاد يقعد يفكر : انا شماخذ ؟؟؟ لا تخربين صورتج جدامه

اعزائي الرجال طبعا انا كلش مو قاعده ادافع عنكم و لا احط لكم اعذار لازم تشدون حيلكم و تفكرون تشلون تخلون هالبنت المسكينة اللي مستانسة و تحتفل باليوم اللي التقت فيك  و الا راح تنامون بره البيت   

I have some suggestions that will help both you:

- Get a white Board ( i am using my fridge )  : write on it and  mark the important dates . He will notice that if write it with a humorous massage, or some funny  drawing. 

- Guys: just tell her that you don`t mind heavy hint because genetically you can’t remember anything 

Girls , don’t be shy ,  if you want it , just go and get it , there is nothing wrong of  telling him "next Friday is my birthday, I thought we could try that new restaurant.." or "For our wedding anniversary this year I think I'd love to spend the weekend in Dubai " 

Reminding him is the best solution ;) 

Wish you all , happy relationships with you lovers .

عندي جم فكره ممكن تكون مفيده :
- حطو لكم لوحه مغناطيسية ( انا استخدم الثلاجة ) كتبي عليها تواريخ المناسبات المهمة او شنو بخاطرج  و اكيد راح يقرا اذا كنت كاتبته بطريقه حلوة

- عزيزي الرجل : قول حق زوجتك حبيبتك انه ما عندك اي مانع لو انها قطت عليك جم نغزة تذكرك بمناسبة معينه و هديه اهيا تبيها ، انك تتقبل هالشي منها لأن البنات يستحون يطلبون

- عزيزتي المرأة : لا تستحين انج تقولين شنو تبين مثلا قوليله : بعد اسبوع عيد ميلادي شرايك نجرب المطعم الفلاني او عيد زواجنا بعد اسبوعين ليش ما نروح ويكيند دبي ؟؟

الحل الوحيد انج تذكرينه

و بس

Monday, September 19, 2011

H&M Life Video : Natalie Rotman

Look at that style , a closet full of colours prints and vintage fashion!

design a dress with S*uce

Five years ................

No words can describe my feelings , happy anniversary JJ

You made me speechless , I am enjoying every single moment , every fight , every lough and every morning when I wake up and find you there .


love you and with you I am always A Newbride :*

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sleep early , then you will get ............

All of you know how crazy is my sleeping system , I sleep late because I can't stop twittering or surfing the web .

Yesterday , I felt sleepy at 8 o' clock p.m !!! That is really reminded of school :p

I woke up at 1:30a.m and I was planning to go back to sleep when I checked my bbm and twitter and found that my lovely dear @F6o0oMaAa had been sending me dozens of bbm massages and twitter mentions to tell me that she just arrived from Dubai and the driver was in the way bringing me :


I jumped out of bed and run to JJ who was playing Xbox online with his friends so he was ignoring me when I asked  him about the cupcakes . Trying to contact him using sign language that if he received anything

I opened my fridge , and here was the lovely white box

I opened it , and smelled the richness of the sweet delicious cupcakes frosting .

Of course JJ helped himself already :p

Now , I am enjoying my cupcake with a cup of coffee , I don't care if I am going back to sleep or no .

Thanks fa6ooooma u made my day

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Friday, September 16, 2011

What is there in my freezer ?

The contents of my freezer shows clearly that I am not that person who likes to cook , I am not the perfect wife but that doesn't make me a bad wife 2 ;)

Bags of ice from Pinkberry :P

I am just a loving woman , living my life in easy way

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B Villa , The perfect getaway for you ladies :)

"B Villa is a place for women to unwind and relax and enjoy B's tastes and specialites. B villa consists of four havens. Outside on the terrace, you'll be able to enjoy light snacks and beverages at B Cafe and in B-Studio you can take dancing classes such as Salsa, Zumba or even practice yoga while taking a beautiful view of the beach. Downstairs in our showroom, you can leaf through our hand-selected clothing and jewelry for each season and finally get your hair and make-up done by professional hands at B Salon."

I was dreaming of place that we girls can enjoy and relax just for us girls , I am impressed of the variety of services and entertainment I can get there .

I will visit the B Villa enshalah , and I will give you all a full review of the place which I am sure it will be a stunning experience

Here are some pictures of the villa , I got them from their Facebook page B Villa

More over they have just opened B-Studio.

Amani Abbassy, the famous Zumba instructor will be teaching Zumba at B Villa. Zumba with Amani is KD10.
All classes cost KD4 except with Amani Abbassy.
Monthly Packages are offered depending on how many classes you would like to take per week.

Girls , keep in mind that visiting the B villa is must , so get up , call your friends and have a wonderful girls gathering there

B Villa 's location :

Al-Bidaa,GCC St. Behind Al Zumurruda Hall, Villa #7 البدع، شارع التعاون خلف الزمردة فيلا رقم
And telephone number is: +965 66991160

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Obsession : يعني انا ناقصة عاد

oh my God i am in love again , Yes Louboutin is My no1 lover , but nothing else took my breath until i meet these  lovely    : Guido Pasquali heels

Image from :

Girls , where can i get them ?? any online stores ? or here in kuwait or dubai ? plz let me know

The Most Popular post

The most popular post of the week in my blog is

looking for a Black يا اسود يا سواد الليل

check it if you didn`t read it

thanks to my loyal readers

New contest with AMA Traveler

AMA Traveler is going on a new trip so she is having an amazing contest as usual (6ab3an I can’t participate because I know where she is going) loool so if u need help, or hint ;P  the prize will be split between us :P

No , just check her blog for more details :

Newq8bride is thinking of .............

getting an iphone :P

I guess I will be one of those people that I used to criticize, carrying 2 mobiles , I already have a blackberry , and I want an iphone but I am not willing  to leave my bb  , so the only solution I have is to be one of them :P

So now I am confused,

Thanks to Zain and Wataniya they were so helpful by  sending me the links of their packages and offers .

Any recommendations?   

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Men and flu

I guess that Men from the Arabian Gulf and from Kuwait in particular , are the most annoying creatures on earth when it comes on catching   flu .

What is flu for us , women ???

It is nothing, a woman can a handle a pregnancy, back pain  , headache , a screaming child and a nagging husband with a flu !! yes she can handle all that

JJ I am not talking about u :P

But Man’s  flu is nothing comparing to what happening to us .

Guys be strong

و المليون اييب المليون واييب مليون

طبعا انا بعيده عن  الملايين السياسية و مال شغل فيهم
لكن بما ان الجو العام يتكلمون بالملايين

خل نتخيل

بس لو يصير عند كل واحد فيكم مليون

شنو ممكن تشترون فيه  ؟؟؟

Million dollar car: Pagani Huayra supercar

Million dollar items

اكيد اول شي الواحد بيفكر يشتري السيارة اللي بيتفلسف فيها جدام ربعه
طبعا هذا هدف اللي تييهم الفلوس فجأة

Million dollar submarine: C-Explorers submersible

Million dollar items

غواصه  و ملونه بعد 
حق الشاليهات و الكشخة و طبعا ما تركب أحد فيها لأنك راح تكون من ربع اللي فجأ كشخوا و صاروا مليونيرية فشي طبيعي تصير انسان معقد كل تبي تكون بروحك

Million dollar items

هممم قاعده اتخيل
و الله حلو الهارلي ،سعره مليون لأن اللي صابغه الفنان العالمي
Jack Armstrong

Million dollar handbag: GinzaTanaka platinum purse
Million dollar items

من تصميم مصمم المجوهرات الياباني
فيها تقريبا فوق الألفين الماسه

Million dollar watch: Hublot’s Big Bang watch
Million dollar items

طبعا الساعه كلها الماس و هذا اللي مخلي سعرها مليون

Million dollar perfume: DKNY perfume

Million dollar items

طبعا السعر مو بالعطر نفسه بس ،  بلأحجار اللي عليه

راح اكمل انشالله في بوست ثاني

المصدر :

Stress and tense relief in your 1 million bathtub

The million dollar crystal bathtub made from a single piece of rock crystal found in the Amazonian rainforest :

Tamara Ecclestone buys million dollar bath tub

I couldn`t buy it because  :P
the daughter of world’s fourth richest man in Britain and Formula One racer Bernie Ecclestone, Tamara Ecclestone,  bought this luxurious piece for her $72 million house in London.  ok ok ok i am fine with it :P

بدون تفكير

حايشني شعور غريب .... مادري شوي احس مضغوطه على مادري شنو بسوي

يمكن كلامي ماله اي معني بس مادري ، صج مادري شفيني

ابي أسافر همممم بس هم مالي خلق تجهيز حق السفره ،،الحمدالله حجزنا حق الحج ، الله يسهل انشالله

عشان جذي ودي أوقف اي خطط من كل النواحي لي بعد الحج

وايد متشوقه أني اروح الحج مع أني كنت وايد خايفه بس احس سبحان الله يايني شعور غريب ووايد مشتطه

اللي سهل علينا و يتمم يا رب لأني اتوقع بعد الحج راح اقدر اخطط شنو بسوي بحياتي حقي أنا و حياتنا أنا مع ج

الحين مابي افكر و بحاول أني ما افكر بشي
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i am tired !!

My Brain is super tense

I felt that I need a massage now!!

Thanks God I booked an appointment at Spa time avenues, going there enshalah after work .

London College of fashion short courses back in Dubai


Thanks s*uce .

I am seriously thinking to take a one day short course . Who is with me ;)

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Monday, September 12, 2011

looking for a Black يا اسود يا سواد الليل

I noticed that I need a black bag, something I can wear daily and to keep my things stuffed inside: P yaah waayed 3ndee kharbee6

I am in love with my mui mui bow satchel, I

but mine is in light brown .

need something similar but in black  

So I am still looking ,  here are some bags I will keep in my shopping lists :


Alexander Wang 
Alexander Wang

3jbtnee hathee ma3a ene ma a7eb marc by marc jacobs waayed

Marc by Marc Jacobs 
Marc by Marc Jacobs

i will keep looking ba3ad , ma7eb ashtree bag bsr3aa

God Save My Shoes Premiere

what is that film  ??

God Save My Shoes” is the first documentary film to explore the intimate relationship women have with their shoes.
To understand how shoes have come to hold such a pivotal place in pop culture, sexuality and women’s lives, God Save my Shoes turned to many of those who play a role in the global shoe phenomenon: Extreme shoe lovers, fashion historians and editors, psychologists, sex experts, shoe fetishists, and star designers Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Walter Steiger, Pierre Hardy, Bruno Frisoni, and Robert Clergerie, along with celebrities such as Fergie, Kelly Rowland and Dita Von Teese."

i want to be at that party so bad :P
The NY primare after party acts as a fundraiser:  “for every fabulous pair of shoes walking through the door at Lavo, CAID PRODUCTIONS and SOLES4SOULS, which have recently partnered, will distribute a pair of shoes to someone in need. And, for every bottle ordered at the bar, LAVO and CAID PRODUCTIONS will donate an additional 10 pairs of shoe”

i got the info from the film website :  girls don`t miss it