Friday, August 05, 2011

When i cook !! i do it in style :P

Meshtaaaa6aaaaaaaa it is my first time of baking a cake ,

Remember the Cake ?? i post about few days ago , it was a big fat failure , i woke up today and i decided to do it again , it is a challenge for me , i hate cooking but i don`t fail ;)

so here is my cute cake  : )

Thanks to Sara for posting the recipe in her blog :)  thank you dear you are so stylish that even your recipes are in style ;)

JJ says , no dressing room in our new house , he will build me a large kitchen instead :P

lool no way :P


Unknown said...

srsly WOW mashallah

SandyBelle_Q8 said...

Very stylish cake ;) with the latest flower petals habba. El fal 7ag el very stylish machboos deyay.... Adree ( no way )
Backing is fun .. I love it ;)

BeRo0Q8 said...

ya36eeech al3afyaaa..
o teslaam eedch :**

Hope said...

e.Slaam 3laikom
it looks so good, chenna mn barra mo sh'3l bait
teslam edayatech o 3laikom bl3afya

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! Teslam edech, ana nafsech if i fail the first time i never give up...i have to perfect whatever it is I attempt to do...glad it came out beautiful and yummy, and thanks for trying out my ideas ..its very flattering :)

Expat and the City said...

What a pretty cake! I'm impressed and wish my oven wasn't the size of a matchbox. heehee. I think I am following you on Twitter? Are you April_Q8? I really need a book on Twitter for dummies to learn the basics. ;)

النوري said...

love the cake yallla mita nigsatna :p