Thursday, August 11, 2011

She is engaged with all that blooging , twitter fuzz , will u marry her ?

I have been so busy this week going to many ghabghat , gathering either family , or social media events .
I had that thought in my mind , what if my life was not what Iam living now ?? if I am married to a man who believes that  blogging , twittering or the Internet is a waste of time ??
I am not showing off , but thanks God my husband is a supportive man , at the same time I am supporting him on whatever he likes . Marriage is all about friendship , that is the most important element for a successful marriage .

This is for the guys :
 i am wondering , why some of you will never accept to be in a relationship with a girl who is active in blogging  or twittering ??


 what will make you marry and support a girl with the engagements of the blogosphere and the Internet generally ??

Iwould like to know what are you thinking of ???

 Moreover ,  girls will you tell they guy who is proposing that you r a blogger , twitter user etc.... ??

I will tell you what i think , giving faith and trusting one another will make your life successful and happier , both  of you will face the challenges and the obstacles that attack every relationship .

So be , there for each other and never ever  loose faith in your partner , don`t be self-centered , and think about what will make him / her happy .

then you will get the life of fairytale lovers


Anonymous said...

I'll not wait for him to ask me! i'll tell and if he really loves me he'll support me because he know that makes me happy

Chick Flick Journal said...

ooh thats a very interesting topic yeah i guess not all men are the same. you're lucky

BeRo0Q8 said...

Wo0W Amazing Question.. Would Love To Read What Men Think About This..

As For Me Blogging Became A Big Part Of My Life.. And He Should Know That Very Early Before We Make A Decisions We May Regret Later..