Sunday, August 14, 2011

Newq8bride's Visit to the We Expo

Yesterday , I visited the We Expo , most of you read about it in other blogs . I couldn't make it on the first day unfortunately .

I don't know why but the atmosphere was so friendly and cozy , you can noticed the happiness and excitement among all the participants . Love that spirit .

7asafa I didnt take photos of all the booths but here is a preview of some of them

Yes i am a Blogger ;)

The Best Cupcakes :)

Those guys mashalah so creative 

yakhtee yakhtee cute

Mesk Media


There is a small badlyah it is بين قصير و رمضان مو بيت

عادي انا ما عرفت هالشي الا قبل سنتين

Mashalah mahalah Waffellish 3ajeeben wish u all the best
Cute Cute and super cute , mashalah msaween jaw o 3ndhom 3a9eer latheeth
Great job 

Ashia2 , they got ahia2 7lwaa o ghareeba

Here are the some of the winners , with Mr.Ahmad Al-Mutawa from Mubaader
the sponsor of  We Expo

i would like to thank the organizers for their great job , mashalah mashalah kil shay 3ajeeb o alaah ya6eekom  el3afeya , they only thing that i didn`t like , the place was kind of hot , and because of the food cooked in some of the booths , the smell stucked in your clothes i wish next year you will keep that in mind :)

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BeRo0Q8 said...

Shaklaa Kaaaan Wanasaa :D
Maga9rtaaai 3al ta'36yaaaa
to0 bad I Couldn't Go :/ Alyayaaat akthar inshalaa :D

Chick Flick Journal said...

ooohh who's the hottie with the blue shirt ;)

ashia2 said...

مشكوره على تغطية المعرض
وتشرفنا بزيارتج لنا بالبوث

WE Expo said...

Thank you dear for the post :)
We will write down ur comments ..

see u in our next event :))