Monday, August 29, 2011

My day with Zain with Pictures

I was invited with the bloggers to attends the final rehearsal of Zain 's play : zain 3alam jameel , I am not that kind of person who is fine get along  with anything related to children , when  i hang out with my niece I take her to grown ups places,  cafes and restaurants  . Therefore attending such a thing was really new to me with the kids .

I took my niece and nephew with me , I have been threaten them all the way there  to behave well or I will take them back home :p I am the evil aunt I know that .

It was the rehearsal , so I was expecting some missing or uncompleted elements .

I am not doing that as a marketing , I am telling you  my own opinion , the play was a beautiful world .

Amazing , everything was exciting :) the lighting , the performance and the actors were perfect , as if I am watching a professional musical.

The technical issues need to be improved or maybe they need  a bigger stage .

 Furthermore,  the songs were amusing and  full of morals  , kids were really enjoying everything , thanks to Heba Hamada for her great classy job , sorry Heba but I can't believe that Bo Kareem , and this play, were written by the same person .

little devils

I had a fabulous time , thanks to zain , i am so happy that I meet some of the bloogers Ansam , Alnoury, amatraveler :)

special thanks to Mr.Mohamad Almuhaini  :)

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BeRo0Q8 said...

It Was Fun ..
Inshallah next time I'll See You :D