Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mishref's girls Gathering

Note : the images idea inspired by meblogging's posts :)

Last night I attended a lovely Ramthan Gathering made by my amazing lovely friend @Abbaaasah  , I guess you know her from twitter .

It is an annual gathering made by her to unite some of the high school girls . We look forward to that day every year ,  we dress up as usual and enjoy our time.

Abaasaah u are mishref's queen

What i love about Ramthan`s ghabgha fashion is the mixture between modern and traditional fashion

LOVED her Clutch (AlexanderMcQueen)

so elegant ;)

Lovely Traditional dress with a modern twist

She got an amazing new look ;) A

Loved her dress but i couldn`t show it all

What a girls gathering without Loubouies

hmmmmm i am craving the food now , right now
waayed estanst o enshalah yaraab n3oodha kil sena

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Chick Flick Journal said...

looks like you guys had a blast. cute pictures i loved the navy blue outfit

Anonymous said...

from where is the ring? 1st pic

Unknown said...

kuwaiti girls always the most fashionable during ramadan

am planning to visit kuwait i wanna explore your vintage down town markets soon isa soon

NewQ8 Bride said...

Chick Flick journal : Thank u dear :) walah it is fun to meet all your old friends :)

Anony : Contact me dear :

Samaher Tariq : oooh thanks walah hearing this comment from you , Tha fashionista made my day :*

enshalah you have to come to kuwait and i will be there for you talking you everywhere