Monday, August 01, 2011

Girls with Hejab , where are u

Before reading this post , keep in mind that I am not old , in mynheart I am still 23 :p

I remember in the mid 90s , every Ramthan I heard the news of girls started to wear Hejab , so every year , bunch of girls joined the Hajab group .

Lately , hardly i noticed new mohajabat , even parents they don't encourage their daughter to do it .

I am not posting that blaming or judging any one , I am wondering , why ?

Some people believe that Hejab is not obligated in Islam !!!

I know we all look more stylish and hot without it , and I admit that sometimes in the hot weather I wished I can wear that short dress I see on that girl for example , but deep inside , I thank God I wear Hejab , yes I wear pants , and sometimes my clothes are not according to the islamik roles , but at least I am covered

Yaraaab alaah yhadee eljame3 , I wish to hear the news of new Mohajabat girls soon

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Butterfly Chick said...

Your post reminded me of something I read couple of days ago:

لماذا العيب عندنا اشد من الحرام؟
هلا لأننا نهتم للخلق اكثر من الخالق؟!!

This is what sadly is happening, people are caring about what other people will think about them if let's say they wore hejab, or maybe they will be thinking of how they will look like with it and like they are not ready for it and they are still young to wear it..

These days we are putting people in front of everything..

I know some moms who are really strict but again they tell their girls not to wear hejab because its too early to wear it now! ENJOY! esta'3fer allah sheno ya3ni we cant enjoy with hejab?
I also know someone who wanted to wear hejab but she needed a push.. Her mom told her not to! and when she was putting the hejab bas chee her mom used to tell her it doesnt look good at u! For God sake!

for me, I wont force someone to wear hejab bas sure I will encourage her to do that!

Nice topic :)

bent el deera said...

اول شي مبارك عليكم الشهر وكل عام وانتي بخير :*

وتره يسوون احتفالات حجاب جماعيه واغلبهم بنات صغار
بس يمكن ما يسون لها تغطيه اعلاميه :>

Anonymous said...

What a lovely reminder!
I loved that point you made about muhajabat who wear pants are at least more covered than the non-muhajabat.
But it is not a good excuse to use all the time. I mean pants-wearing-muhajaba is still not covered enough compared to the fully covered in 3abaya muhajaba, right?
People must always compare themselves with those who are ahead of them, not those who are behind, am I right?

I have a little reminder myself :)
This is to the men out there:
Please do not forget what Allah said about lowering the gaze (gha'9 alba9ar). It makes a covered woman feel very uncomfortable when a man stares at her. If she doesn't give you a reason to stare, why do you stare??

Anonymous said...

I live in Brazil I'm sixteen and converted to Islam, tell voceis which is very hard to be Muslim in Brazil in spite of being a multicultural country up to a lot of prejudice on the part of my family, at first she forbade me to use hijab, said that if I comtinuasse me away with his religion in an orphanage, or a comvento.minha grandmother was very supportive and even took me to the mosque escomdido, here has many thank God I did not want to lie so I said everything to she wanted to be a Muslim as a whole, only about 6 months after she was let me wear the hijab, of course there are many times it makes some criticism, but God knows all coisas.Estou very happy to wear the hijab despite draw much attention, and even use it as many Muslim descupa not to use it, alegamdo that takes its meaning, for I speak not take no ... draws attention? flame! calls but because we are covered and not because we'll stop descoberta.não Obec God for people who are ignorant or are attracted by the different, if God mamdou that we use, it is because he knows what's best for can use, wear and do not repent ... because while there are some who do not care, there are some who struggle to use it and every day is a struggle and many .... my!