Thursday, August 04, 2011

From newq8bride's Book of Love

You know , this is our 6th Ramathan mashalah together . I love it how I changed , and became more comfortable and attached to you . I remember on my first year that I wanted to ga back home and had my fottor with my family . Year after year , I started to get used to have my fo6oor with you .

Remember , I was not enjoying the food that have been made in your house , I was complaining a lot .

Look at me now ?? My taste and eating habits become just like yours !

What does that mean ?

We are not a couple , we are one person with 2 soles that complete each other .

Newly wed couples who are spending their first Ramthan , don't worry, all the differences will fade away with time . Just keep your heart open to each other and enjoy the blessings in Ramthan and pray To God to grow your love so you both can enjoy more Ramathans next to each other enshalah :)

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mimi said...

I'm married for 4 years .. i still go to my fmaily house and he goes to his family house for fotour :p
i still think that my mom's cooking is the best in the world and i don't think that i'll ever change my mind about that

Buchka said...

So true! Totally can relate with the change of eating habits ;p Allah ehaneeekum enshalah

NewQ8 Bride said...

Mimi : me 2 I still believe mom's cooking is the best , but I was so picky few years ago , now I am more comfortable :)

Buchka : thanks dear

Expat and the City said...

How sweet to read. :) I really miss my Grandmother's cooking. It was out of this world!