Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fotoor Date Night with Le NOTRE

Note : i am not a professional photographer , i apologize for the poor quality of the photos

Fotoor , with JJ , in a restaurant ??

That is a new achievement in my life , JJ is not that kind of "d3laa" man , but he  -as many Kuwaiti men- enjoys his Fotoor at home .

To be honest , me too , but I don't mind breaking the routine from time to time .

After I read the posts from the bloggerettes  , about their ghabgaa at Le Notre - Link from Ansam518 , I couldn't stop my self imaging how tasty the food there after lookin at all those mouth-watering images .

In twitter , the official tweep of Le Notre @MMCKUWAIT read my tweets and told me if  i decided to come there I have to let him know , so I told JJ and showed him the posts and finally , he agreed .

I made a reservation because I know  the place will be busy . We Arrived there at almost 7 -of course there is no need to tell you about the service at Le Notre , perfect like they always do- Amazing greetings when we arrived , fast and well organized service while we were at the table .

We started with welcoming drinks , I picked the Vanilla - dates , it tasted strong and overwhelming followed by the salad buffet , and soup .

Then the hot appetizers were served on the table 

 I was worried ,  what was jj  thinking about right now ?

To my surprise , I looked at him , and he was in a maximum enjoyment ,  he looked at me and said : elm7amraa khayaal ;)
OMG thank you Le Notre , thank you , hubby is kind of picky regarding food but he loved almost everything .

I was taking photos of all the dishes :p I thought everyone will think ambeeh shfeeha hathee :p

The  main course arrived

 Walah i wish i could show you his face :P he couldn`t stop smiling

i don`t know why i didn`t shoot the green rice !!! ambeeh i was really hungry o kaleeta kilaah ;)

Aaah babchee walah , mashalah the food was delicious

Here comes the desserts ,  I ordered tea for both if us , JJ was admiring everything , even the tea :p shd3waaaa

I loved the rose ice cream , and the konafa . JJ Loved everything :P

While we were indulging with the dessert , the waiter came to our table with a bag and told us "this is a gift from Le Notre management !!! "

I can't say a word , thank you , thank you so much for everything , for the lovely amazing atmosphere , the five stars service , the tasty food and the gift cake .

You made my day .

Every  single happy date night with JJ , remains there in my mind and my heart , and this is one of the best .

Thank you Le Notre .

I quoted JJ phrase " kilsh mo 7safa el6al3aa" means : it worth it to leave the house :p "

Don`t miss the Fotoor or Sohoor at Le Notre
keep in mind 10% of the proceeds will be going forBayet Abduaalah

For More Info about Le Notre & MMCKUWAIT  check out their Facebook Page (link) or follow them on Twitter @MMCKuwait

Contact # 1805050 Ext25


Unknown said...

Omg this will be in my list when I visit Kuwait fe Ramadan 15 :P

Anonymous said...

I loved the post! I could just feel the love that you two have for each other with every word you wrote. The only bad thing is that you made me really hungry and you know I'm stuck here at work. :P

Expat and the City

Hijabs and Co said...

yummy bl3afya :)

SandyBelle_Q8 said...

3alaikm bl3afya :) everything looks perfect :)

the boudoir. said...

3alaikum bil3afya! I'm glad you guys liked it! shawagteeni..muwa3eeenhum ilkhayal...what was that chocolate dessert in the bowl?i was planning on ordering that same dessert they gave u as a gift! how did it taste? lol bada3t bil as2ila:P

NewQ8 Bride said...

Samaher Tariq : sure you have 2 , when r u coming to Kuwait ?

Expat and the City : thank you for your sweet words :* u have to try it walah , amazing food

Hijab and Co : alaah y3afeech :)

Ruby Gloom : alaah y3afech

the boudoir : alaah y3feeech dear la 3adee 3adee afa 3aleech , I am not sure walah el chocolate shsmaa , lool bas kaleena o bas , and the cake tyanin cheese cake bas feha hint Samsameya :) latheeetha

BeRo0Q8 said...

shaaklaa kan 9ij wanasa o alaakeeel yshaweeg bl3afyaa 3laikom :D