Saturday, August 06, 2011

The first Ramthan Gathering

Tonight enshalh I will attend our first Ramathan gathering ( ghabgha) , the first women only ghabgha that we usually dress up for .

I got my dress from Fortune cookie , I will show it later to you .

This Ramathan I am not in the mood to leave the house at all , that's why I took a leave , so kilsh I don't want to go the hair saloon .

My hair is natural wavy hair , so I need few touchups and it will be prefect , I use Conair curling iron . It works perfectly with me , but I thought of getting a new curling iron , don't ask me why but I thought I need to change a bit I bought , philips multi styler


Walah over all , it is amazing but I like natural curls , wiled natural curls , so I didn't do all my hair with it , I chose different sections, made them with and mixed them with my natural hair . Loved the results :)

I will post more about my look .

We are hungry , JJ is roaming all day , and I am complaining all day

What a happy couples :p

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