Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dance , with The Dancing Necklace

Shopping shopping and more shopping , and i did nothing for Eid :P

all what i did , i bought that lovely necklace from Hadeya station made by Ibrah

look at this fashionable amazing piece ( Dancing Necklace )  , i will wear it with a blouse , wide legged pant and i am ready to celebrate EID enshalah

sometime one piece can create the perfect outfit ;)

 you buy the same necklace :


swera said...

i wanted to buy the shoulder brooches bs they were sold out! i love her things mashallah o 3alech bel3afia :*

Me Blogging said...

Makboos el3afya

Me Blogging said...

Laaaa kitabt makboos el 3afya :p
Gasdi malboos el3afya

NewQ8 Bride said...

Swera : alaah y3afeech , yah I am waiting 2 fir the shoulder brooches enshalah after Eid they will be available

Me Blogging : loool alaah ya3feech