Friday, August 12, 2011

Crush it , i am going to Crush it

I was talking with my brother few days ago , and i noticed that he joined a blogger circle called (Crush it ) , to be honest i was wondering , what was that ??

is it another bloggers gathering , meeting other bloggers and ......... nothing else ?

I goggled it , and applied for joining in , few days later , i received an e-mail from the Crush it team  , Mr.Khalid Al-Zanki and Mrs.Hind Al-Nahedh ,  asking me if i am going to attend the meeting or no . I thought that "wooow" i am facing something professional , i accepted and attended the meeting .

To be honest with you , i was somewhat lost at the beginning , still i am lost a little bit , but i got enthusiastic when i noticed that will be a seminar soon , by the famous Gary Vaynerchuk the writer of the book Crush it . 
There will be a challenge , 30 days challenge using social media !! and that is what makes me really excited .

Why i joined such a thing , some of you, guys kept telling me not to change the style or the main idea of my blog , i will not , but also i would like to develop my self , learn and practice new things will never be a waste of time .

Everything i do or experience in my life either a success , or failure  is a gain to my knowledge and me , i have been blogging for almost 5 years now , my blog is my life , i consider it the book of my life after marriage , some posts remind me of incidences occurred to me all these years . each post is part from heart , YOU know that my blog is my passion, right ?? it is the place that  i am practising my language , revealing my emotions  , contacting JJ through my posts

so , why not trying something new that may transform my passion into something effective and so living ?

or may not ,  but at least i will have the opportunity to attend a new event that  will happens  in Kuwait for the first time .
so the first step , i will purchase the book , and lets see what will happen next :)  

i will not change , i promised you my readers . But i am going to learn and experience a new adventure in the world of social media
to learn more about Crush it :

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