Monday, August 08, 2011

Confused :/

It is been a long time since I bothered you with my nagging about my life . Remember when I post about my meeting with jj's friend and his wife ? About how tensed I was . I mentioned before that JJ was the one who hates couples gatherings or dinners and I adjusted my self to that , so when he asked me to meet them , that was a big change for him .

After that meeting in shaleh , we invited them for dinner , and they couldn't make it and finally jj's friend said : 3azeemtkom wa9la ( a Kuwaiti saying for thanking others for inviting them and apologizing to not attend )

What does that mean ? I told JJ that we are not going to any invitation again , and he accepted it . Few days later he told me that his friend told him that one day in Ramthan we must have fotoor at his place .

JJ knows that I don't like to have fotoor outside home and we agreed that we are not going , but that doesn't mean that I don't want to have fotoor with him ( only Him ) in any restaurant.

I suggested today that I want to have Fotoor with him at Le Notre , after i read lots of posts about the bloggers ghabgha . He said ok enshalah we will do it , then he brought up his friend's invitation ...

Ok JJ I want to have fotoor with you at Le Notre , that doesn't mean I should accept your friend's fotoor :( if they are going to accept our invitation first , I may think about it .

And he knows Ana ma a7eb yam3at elbyoot ! O now Ana elee mo 7abba 6al3aaat el couples .


Will he accept it if one of my friends invited us with her husband ??? And she did o Ana e3tethrt because ohwaa ma y7b !

Enshalah ma yrb6 been 6al3tee with him o 3azeemat his friend :/

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Kuwaitiful said...

I think the issue here is he finds it logically the same when eating at a restaurant or his friends house, since both of them consist of having futoor outdoor. What he doesn't know(unless you specifically told him) is that you only want futoor outdoor if it's with him and only him.

Anonymous said...

حبيبتي ليش مصعبة السالفة يمكن العزيمة اللي طافت رفيجه ما قدر ايي او شي ميخالف تعذريلهم

وقت الزواج اهو مشاركة و تضحية و الخروج عن منطقة الراحة

comfort zone

اذا انتي ما تبين تسوين اشياء مو مرتاحة منها عشانه تتوقعين راح يسوي نفس الشي؟؟

انا اقول لا تكسرين بويهه جدام الريال و طلعي العزيمة حتى لو ما تحبين هالشي و اتفقي وياه انج تروحين عزيمة رفيجه بس بشرط ان قبلها بيوم او بعدها بيوم تروحون ويا بعض مطعم بروحكم

انتي تنازلي شوي و شوفي اهو شلون راح يتنازل ويا الوقت

والله يخلي لج ريلج حبيبج

mimi said...

I know i know .. i hate couples hangouts and i told you before that things might get complicated wallah i understand.

Here's the thing.. accept going out the four of you and let jj pay for the fo6or w chethee tkonon redetoolhom 3azeemat'hom w you're equal then 6af

would you rather that jj goes out to fo6oor with his friend w ygolech tetfa6eren alone ? or would you rather be with him no matter where and who's with you guys ?
yemken ohwa weda yshof refeeja w yetfa6ar ma3ah bara bs entay kaasra 5aa6ra ma yabeech tetfa6eren alone that's why he suggested the couple hangout ? maybe

go go go :)

Chick Flick Journal said...

I hate couples gatherings too. ell not all, if you dont know eachother. Hmm but try this one out im sure it ouldnt be that bad. if he wants it then you should please him i guess:p

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone hate couples gatherings? I think that hanging out with other friends and their spouses is so much fun. You get to do a lot of things as a group.

Why is it such a problem?