Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Bloggers Gathering

Here we are :)

The Bloggers Gathering launched ysterday at The Rejency Hotel , , el7mdelah everything was more then perfect and well organized , we started an hour late , but it was fine with  me because i was enjoying my time meeting the bloggers .

Rahaf Al3njry :)

i was one of the speakers that we were chosen to be in the discussion panel , to talk about our experience in the blogosphere . i was kind of nervous ,  I thought for a moment that my blog is not that important because it is a personal / lifestyle blog  . To my Surprise it got the attention of the presenter and the other bloggers :) you know what was the funniest thing ? when Barakat Alwgyan asked a question that no Man should ask any Woman  :P How old are you ?? and i replied with happiness  ba3ad : oh am 30 :P

i am so happy to meet all of you dear bloggers ,
I am hounred to meet Berooq8 , @doona , @zaboo6a , Mrs.Terri Alxander from The Yoga Breath Studio, and the cute OmarVlogable who was a speaker with me .

7asafa couldn`t meet you @abraralshammari , enshalah next time

The ID

The discount Card from Kuwait Food Group

i would like to thank MR.Abdullah Aljalawi for his post Link

Thank you so much Bloggers Gathering enshaalah we will be waiting for more activities and gatherings in the future .

The event is organized by

The Supporters

6ab3an ma kint 7abba my look waayed :( hmmm la la i have to take a step and loose all the weight


Unknown said...

Seems fun!
Glad you enjoyed it.
3ad let me know when there is another one 3shan al7ag o I register this time. ;p

Bloggers Gathering said...

Thank you for your post and coverage.
We shall meet you up by the next gatherings.

Chick Flick Journal said...

wow this is interesting and really nice. i wish we had something similar im new to blog world

Omar Yousef said...

Your Look Was Great Don't Worry!, Thanks For Posting About Me, We'll Meet Up Again In Next Gatherings Inshallah :D