Monday, August 15, 2011

Acanthe Private Etiquette Club

Cute , cute . Mothers don't ever think that joining an etiquette school is a showing off thing , or waste of a time and money . Trust me , it is worth it .


I don't have any kids now , but if I have a girl I will be one of the mother who cares about that part of her life .

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Anonymous said...

6 year olds are supposed to be kids! They are not supposed to follow rules. Being free and spontaneous is the best part of being a kid. Ya sheen elyahil elmt9ani3 o ya thigil 6eentah! La7ig 3ala kil hathee el2umoor lemen ykbar.
However, I think this is a good idea for 14 year olds and above.

النوري said...

i didnt enroll my girls yet i think 14 and above is the perfect age anything before is enjoying life endlessly

Chick Flick Journal said...

lovely i so want that!

Anonymous said...

i actually took my kids to this school. it was pretty much just teaching them respect in a fun way. you should pay them a visit to see their style of teaching. i really recommend it.